Featured Artist: Apollo Mighty

Posted on September 30, 2014


By Mary Crowell

“I appreciate good art and good creativity…I hope that people go out there and make their own art form in any way they choose to.” –Apollo Mighty

After learning of Apollo Mighty’s recent release of “IX” (EP), I rushed to my computer to listen to his creation. Dramatically opening with the Serenity Prayer, the album delves into extensive religious imagery and Apollo Mighty’s deeply personal reflection of suffering and resilience. The smooth emotion evoked by impeccable vocals and laid-back beats seeped from my headphones, leaving me in the narrative world crafted by Apollo Mighty. He says his sound has an R&B soul foundation, “but with a spin on it. My music is influenced by everything that I listen to. Anything that I can feel and embodies my soul I want to incorporate into my music.”

apolloBeing born in Memphis, elements of the city that raised Apollo Mighty are evident within his lyrics. In the song Ascend he croons, “I’m not just some guy from Orange Mound”and within the lyrics of Sunrise, “I put it down for the people of M-town”. When questioned about his favorite venue he has performed at in Memphis Apollo Mighty answered, “I performed at the Hard Rock three times and Minglewood Hall once. I’m really blessed. My favorite venue was the Hard Rock because it was a big event with a lot of other artists and patrons. It was my first time performing with my band on stage so I got to let loose. The adrenaline was bumping through me and I could really feel the energy of the crowd.”

Apollo Mighty entered the music scene with “an infinity for music and coming up with lyrics and a beat”. He cites singing in church as his first experience exploring music, followed by listening to pop music and singing along – “My mom had given me a tape recorder with three CDs: Brandy, Whitney Houston, and Boys to Men, and I used to mimic the songs on each of them.”

He has certainly taken his early exposures to music and turned them into a passion for the art of sound and music production. Passion, clearly translated in Apollo Mighty’s album, also appears in his performances. When asked about his favorite part of performing for an audience, Apollo Mighty said it was the connection he gets to make with people while on stage. \

“I can see the people in front of me and look into their eyes and see the music and lyrics registering with them. The people and their response to the songs are really what make me excited about putting on a show.”

The people should equally be excited for Apollo Mighty’s release of album and further emergence into the Memphis music scene. Bringing smooth sound, captivating narrative lyrics, and a distinct Memphian flavor with the art of his music, Apollo Mighty releases his new EP album with notable appreciation for “good art and good creativity”. As Mighty sings in his song Ascend, “I won’t just arrive, I’ll arise.”

Be sure to check out singer-songwriter Apollo Mighty at his upcoming shows:

Oct. 2nd: Gazebo on the corner of Cooper & Young for First Thursday Night Out
October 7th: Munook & Apollo Mighty Live at Crosstown Arts
October 30th & November 6th: Apollo Mighty at The Dizzy Bird Lounge

For more information, visit www.apollomighty.com.

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