The Little House on the Corner

Posted on May 28, 2015



Located on one of Midtown’s busiest streets, The Yellow House on Union is easy to find, yet is often overlooked. However, once spotted, this gem of Memphis culture is hard to forget. Walking through this art gallery and vintage boutique, one feels as if she is walking through a life-sized dollhouse. The multifaceted house creates a unique, comfortable ambiance that many other galleries lack. In fact, everything about the house shouts “one of a kind”; even the rooms have separate themes. The curator Emma Childers stockpiled the front room with vintage toys and old children’s books to make it appear like a child’s playroom. Vintage books and art carefully and delicately clutter the office, and the closet houses a collection of vintage dresses and shoes. Upon speaking housewith the Childers, who is also the co-owner of the house, I got a better sense of her vision for the gallery. She wanted to keep the character of the house intact while creating a space where anyone can feel comfortable and have fun perusing art and vintage items. When it comes to her vintage collection, Childers mentioned that she wanted women and girls to have fun playing dress-up and creating new outfits from clothes that are still very chic. Because of the fun dress-up aspects of the vintage clothes, it provides a family-friendly excursion for visitors and local Memphians; however, all of the items need to be handled with care, so careful supervision is necessary. That being said, this house would be the perfect place for an elegant tea party.

By bringing together the vintage items with an eclectic collection of local art, Childers’ gallery represents a combination of new and old Memphis. The gallery serves as a place where local artists, like Peter Scott Bart and Jim Blithe, can be discovered and revered for their work. As a biomedical photographer for St. Jude’s Research Hospital, Barta blends science and art to create beautiful, detail-oriented photographs. Along this theme, photographer Jim Blithe also focuses on minute detail. Barta’s photographs consist of planned, photographic abstractions instead of expanses of nature. Both these artists are currently featured on the walls of this classic yellow, southern house. The gallery creates a space for local artists to showcase their work in a comfortable environment. This unique piece of Memphis culture must not be missed with its efforts to create a hospitable experience for gallery visitors and to support local artists. The Yellow House on Union provides a one of a kind avenue to experience classic and contemporary Memphis.

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