Ten Ways to Get Fit in May

Posted on May 28, 2015



With summer right around the corner, it seems like everyone want to be more active.  If you are anything like me, you are also on a never-ending search for new and exciting ways to get in shape.  I have compiled a list of my top ten ways to get in shape this May, and in no specific order, my list begins right in my very own home, Midtown.fit

1. Explore the Memphis Zoo

If it is sunny out, I highly encourage you to explore the Memphis Zoo.  The zoo is very large and it is spread out in many different directions.  Just start walking in one direction and you will surely ease into an active walk, but make sure you stop and look at all of the animals along the way.  Also, do not leave the zoo unless you have walked everywhere within the zoo and seen all of the animals.  This simple, fun, sunny day activity counts as exercise because you walked all over the zoo, and I bet your fitbit will tell you that you took a lot of steps.  (Although I would not know, I’m still waiting to make the fitbit investment!)

2. Kayak on Wolf River

If you have never been kayaking, it is quite the arm exercise.  I have only been twice, but both times my arms have been exhausted afterwards.  I guess you could blame that on my lack of upper body strength.  Still, kayaking down Wolf River was both enjoyable and relaxing even though it ended up being a form of arm exercise.

3.  Attend Bikram Yoga

If you are more interested in restoring your inner peace than breaking a huge sweat, yoga is for you.  Yoga is the perfect way to end a stressful day, while still feeling like you are engaging in some form of physical activity.  In addition, Bikram Yoga is very conveniently located in Overton Square for those of you who might want to do yoga then grab a bite to eat. fit 2

4. Paddle Boat at Shelby Farms

Paddle boating always looks like it is going to be a calm and relaxing activity, and every time I get in the boat I am reminded that it is more exercise than relaxation.  Still, I enjoy paddle boating every time.  Paddle boating is comparable to riding a bike in that you must paddle your feet in order to move the boat.  However, the boat is much more difficult, and the boat does not necessarily go in the direction you want.  You end up working out quite a lot by the time you eventually paddle your way back to the dock.

5. Walk Through a Pretty Neighborhood

One of my favorite things to do is walk through cute, little neighborhoods and pick out which houses are my favorite.  So why not turn this into exercise?  Spending thirty minutes walking through a neighborhood, such as the neighborhood behind Rhodes College, is a great yet easy way to remain active on a daily basis.

6. Jog on Mud Island

Let me start off by saying that I do not “run,” but I refer to what I do as a slow paced jog.  But in reality, I probably walk more than I jog because I forget that I am supposed to be jogging.  It is hard to hate the idea of exercising when you think about jogging in a place as pretty as Mud Island.  If you have to jog, or god forbid run, I recommend jogging on Mud Island so you can appreciate your scenery, and maybe if you are lucky, you might even get to see a sunset while you are down there.


fit 3

7. Ride Your Bike Through Overton Park

On a nice spring day, riding your bike can be incredibly relaxing, especially if the sun is on your face and the wind is blowing through your hair.  The best part about bike riding is that you never realize how far you have gone or how long you have ridden until it is time to turn around and ride back.  Really, you do not notice your legs tiring until you get off the bike.

8. Walk Along the Riverfront

Much like Mud Island, the Riverfront is gorgeous, especially at sunset.  The riverfront also offers many attractions, so if you have been to Mud Island one too many times, I suggest taking a walk along the riverfront to see what you might discover.  While walking up and down the riverfront is exercise itself, you might find and attraction that offers you even more exercise.

9. Play Frisbee Golf at Shelby Farms

One cool attribute of Shelby Farms is its Frisbee Golf Course.  I was unable to play because I did not bring Frisbees with me the last time I went to Shelby Farms, but it still looks like it could be really exciting and fun.  All you have to do is throw the Frisbee at a stand and hope the Frisbee goes in, much like golf.  However, when you are not perfect and do not get a hole in one, you must go chasing after your Frisbee, resulting in more fun exercise. fit 4

10.  Play Paintball at Battlefront

Paintball sounds fun in theory, and then little balls of paint are being shot at you.  All you want to do then is run for your life.  Or you could hide.  But I would recommend running if you want to play the game right and actually get some exercise.  I will not blame you though if you choose to hide because I’ll probably be right there with you going with the duck and cover method.  I guess if you want to get exercise while playing paintball, you have to be brave, or at least not care if you have a massive bruise after.


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