Broad Avenue Art “Walking in Memphis”

Posted on May 28, 2015



What did you do Saturday, April 24th, from 5-10pm? Were you enjoying a quiet evening watching Netflix on your couch while the rained trickled down your windows? Did you saunter over to Lafayette’s Music Room to absorb the live sounds? Maybe you participated in Relay for Life in an effort to support the American Cancer Society. Our vibrant city boasts a wide range of engaging activities on any given day. What you might not know though is that last weekend, the Broad Avenue Arts District hosted its Spring 2015 Broad Avenue Art Walk. If you attended like me, you were fortunate enough to experience Broad’s outdoor performance venue the Water Tower Pavilion, the Red Zone sports bar, the Cove, a number of retailers, local restaurants, food trucks, cool businesses, fresh office spaces, and of course, lots of artwork on exhibit and/or for sale. The art district extends from Broad and Hollywood eastward to Tillman Street.
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One of the highlights of the walk was the live music at the Water Tower Pavilion. The space self identifies as fun, funky and unique. It doubles as a warehouse loading dock (active during the week), and its surrounding outdoor space is creatively adapted into performance place for the community on weekends. The Water Tower Pavilion is a destination for the community, built by the community. It even features several public art installations. The area is available for private rental and artist booking. In spite of the rain, I truly enjoyed my experience at the Art Walk. I saw many friendly faces sporting their best rain gear and bright umbrellas. Luckily I ran into a student from Rhodes College, Sarah Baumann, who runs her own paper-goods company called Signet Sealed. She and her friend set up a booth with other vendors beneath the roof of the pavilion. The link to her Facebook page is listed below. I even got a picture with local food truck Say Cheese. Did you know that Say Cheese features a sandwich called the Elvis Italiano? Its ingredients are cookie butter, banana, and marscapone cheese. Need I say more? Without a doubt the Broad Avenue Art Alliance claimed my heart, and I hope everyone might check out what they have planned next.

The Broad Avenue Art Alliance aims to bring the heart of Memphis back to life and create an Arts District accessible to all. Their vision is to reconnect and reinvigorate a once thriving, bustling inner-city community through creation of a vibrant, attractive arts destination in the heart of the city. Some of their key action-oriented efforts include sustained arts and arts-related businesses, arts education facilities, an arts center/venue, and a public/urban Art Park. I think everyone can agree that these types of goals are what Memphis needs for its further growth and progress. From what I gathered from vendors and contributors in this spring’s Broad Avenue Art Walk, participation increased (even with the rain). Programs and events like these continue to strengthen the Broad Avenue area and bolster relationships between local businesses and the community at large.

Check out the Broad Avenue Arts District website for more information.

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