Star & Micey: Memphians & Musicians

Posted on April 28, 2015


star & micey

It wasn’t until the end of the song that I snapped out of my daze, confused about where the tear on the end of my lower eyelash came from. I was listening to “No Pets Allowed” by Star & Micey. The sound was ethereal and nostalgic and the lyrics were fitting. Nick Redmond sings about the night Josh Cosby ran into homeless man named Star, who vented and played songs about his ex-wife, Micey. This exchange coined the name Star & Micey.

Star & Micey waves the Memphis flag proudly, and you can hear the Memphis influence their sound; it is raw, soulful, innovative, cool, and collaborative. The collaborators are Joshua Cosby on acoustic guitar and vocals, Geoff Smith on bass, vocals, and percussion, Nick Redmond the electric guitarist, vocalist, and group moustache, and Jeremy Stanfill on drums and vocals.

The “PoFolk” band records right here in Memphis. They record at Ardent Music that is among the most historic and prominent recording studios in Memphis along with Stax Records and Sun Studios. The down-home characters describe their experience at Ardent as feeling like “free-spirited professionals.” The quality that these studios share is the ability to attract authentic artists with authentic sounds. Star & Micey are among those artists. Through recorded songs, interviews, live performances, and all other channels in which we connect to them, the band possesses a free and organic way of communicating.

The band draws inspiration from the likes of The Beatles, Hank Sr., Otis Redding, and the Pogues. Fifteen bodies of musical work in, Star & Micey have managed to maintain a grassroots and genuine sound. The band’s deep-rooted friendship is an anchor for that sound and their musical chemistry. The band is refreshing in that they just enjoy being friends and making music together. Nothing is forced, and that is depicted in the music.

The band members adorn every stage that they perform on with their lucky rug, and Josh Cosby records barefoot. Star & Micey hasn’t abandoned their ordinary charm and are the epitome of a local band. Memphis is always included in their conversation. While their music has enabled them to travel all over the country, they’ve been able to maintain a Southern magnetism that is warm, inviting, and nostalgic.

The band moves crowds in the smallest to the largest of venues. Star & Micey will be playing at Rhodes College Rites of Spring and Memphis in May: Beale Street Music Festival in the coming months. Their energy is invigorating and it will be blast to experience it live.

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