A Glimpse: A Week in the Life of a Midtowner

Posted on April 28, 2015


By: Mary Crowell

I came to Memphis an uninformed East Tennessean, associating Memphis with BBQ, basketball, and little else. As I’ve explored more, I’ve discovered pieces of the soul of this captivating city. Here’s a sampling of a week in my life as a Midtowner, a collection of moments:


Memphian storytellers gathered to share their experiences at Spillit, a monthly event where members of the audience spontaneously volunteer to tell stories. I snuck in a little late, finding standing room only! This event has quickly become one of my favorite weekend Midtown events.


I walked through Overton Park one afternoon and found myself in front of the Memphis College of Art at dusk. Each time I go to Overton, I discover see the park differently. This evening, the canvas of Overton was a composition of geometric pattern, low lighting, and quiet companionship.


Wandering along South Main Street I felt the rich, historical soul of Memphis, a city that continues triumphing in the face of a tumultuous past. One of my favorite parts of living in Memphis is the opportunity to encounter history during events like Martin Luther King Jr. Day at the National Civil Rights Museum, located one block from this mural.

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