Attention All Memphis Foodies

Posted on March 25, 2015



By Gracie Erwin
Do you like fast, easy food, offered in a timely manner? Does the thought of cuisine such as gourmet Mexican or BBQ tempt your taste buds? Then the Memphis food trucks are definitely for you.

Throughout the past year and a half, food trucks around Memphis have been making a major comeback. Many different types of on-the-go cuisines have popped up all over the city in a surprisingly short period of time, giving Memphians more varieties of the newly available genres of food with this new and improved twist on the concept of “fast-food.”

To specify why and when these changes occurred, Tennessee finally modified its restaurant health code two years ago in order to invite food trucks and carts into the meals-on-wheels club. Previously, these mobile restaurants were prohibited in the Tennessee area despite the nationwide hype that came with being introduced to the prospect of good-tasting food from continuously moving, festive trucks.

According to regulation, as long as the trucks keep up a sanitary cooking space, have hot water, and accommodate their facilities to satisfy health codes and other rules, these mobile restaurants are welcome to travel anywhere in Tennessee to sell and serve their food. It is easy to see that not long after this food-friendly amendment passed, the food truck business exploded right here in Memphis.

One particular up and coming food truck is the quirky, popular, and ever-mobile restaurant called Say Cheese. Not only did it open its doors the day before Valentine’s Day, but  the truck is putting a new twist on the concept of grilled cheese. These aren’t your typical grilled cheeses, simply because the owners love to experiment. Their food will be enticing to all foodies in the general Memphis area, and with a gourmet menu including everything from buffalo chicken grilled cheese to soups and chips, there is surely something for everyone.

For now, the owners have agreed to keep the truck in one place during lunchtime, which is their busiest hour. However, as business picks up and they start to become more well-known around the Memphis area, Say Cheese is set to change their location.

With all of the new changes surrounding the prospect of healthier foods given on the go, the positive attitudes surrounding food trucks in Memphis will continue to grow. Because let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to buy and eat gourmet fast food?

You can find any of these food trucks not only in the Midtown area, but in the Overton area as well. They are incredibly popular, and tend to move their locations on a daily basis in order to satisfy customers from all over the city. It is easy to see that these food trucks will not only be helpful in adding inches to our waistlines, but they will improve the flavor of Memphis itself.

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