Memphian to Meet: Logan Guleff

Posted on January 29, 2015


loganBy Regina Lucreziano

Masterchef Junior is a cooking competition on FOX where children between the ages of 8 and 13 compete for $100,000 and the title of Masterchef Junior. This past season’s winner, Logan Guleff, is a 12-year old Midtown native who wowed the judges and viewers alike with his impeccable cooking ability.  I had the pleasure of meeting Logan Guleff and his mother Kim at Otherlands Coffee Bar, and was a little star struck getting to meet Logan in person after seeing him cook incredible dishes and crush his competition week after week on Masterchef Junior.

Logan began cooking at a very young age, and through experimentation and practice, he has developed a pallet and skill set that has taken his cooking to a level of a creative genius. Masterchef Junior is not the only competition that this Memphian has won; in 2012, Logan won the Epicurious Kid’s State Dinner Healthy Lunch Challenge which took him to the White House to meet President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. Although Logan owns over 30 hand made bow ties, has won $100,000 in the Masterchef Junior competition, and has thousands of fans, Logan is just your average 12-year old who loves to play laser tag with his friends and hangs out around Memphis.

As polite as can be, Logan showed up in his signature boy tie with a big smile on his face, ready for our interview to talk about everything from winning Masterchef Junior to his favorite Memphis restaurants.


RL: What is your favorite restaurant in midtown?

LG: “Midtown? I think it would be Tsunami.”


RL: What is your favorite dish from Tsunami?

LG: “I mean, I’m really good friends with Chef Ben so I’ve tried some of his things, but I really like the wasabi deviled eggs.”


RL: How often do you cook for your family?

LG: “Not very often, I just help out. Mom does all the cooking while I do a lot of experimentation in the kitchen. I create my own spice blends! I have one spiced rub that I have been working on and that I am trying to get packaged, formulated, and marketed out. It’s called Logan’s Rub Fiesta Blend.”


RL: Did you have a favorite challenge on the show?

LG: “I think it would have to be the pop-up restaurant challenge because you are there in the kitchen with Chef Gordon Ramsey who is there in the kitchen yelling at you the entire time. It was a lot of fun. I mean besides from the finale with the confetti falling. You can’t really top that.”


RL: So you are very quick on your feet, how do you think of such amazing dishes right on the spot during a timed challenge?

LG: “Well, you have to remember what the challenge is about. If it is about the mystery box challenge, you have to think what would you do with the pork and the bacon and the veggies. If it’s a pop up restaurant, you have to think about ‘how do I get the food out at a steady rate for one whole table?’ You have to have all the food ready for one table before you can send it out. So, you have to think about how to finish all the cooking to where everything is fresh and perfect at the right time.”



RL: Kim, Were you surprised how natural Logan was in the Masterchef kitchen?

KG: “It was really nerve-racking, but no. I know Logan really well and that he is quick on his feet and he is very creative. It is like there is like a tiny little chef inside his head. What I was most afraid of was that he would go really big with his ideas, but he took it really seriously and focused on each challenge. He really does have all those skills in the kitchen and he can throw it down.”


RL: Did you bring any Memphis style cooking into the Masterchef kitchen?

LG: “Yeah, I did bring some Memphis style cooking because we are all about the smoking with the smoker and the BBQ. So I did some smoking while I was there; I smoke some mayonnaise with polyscience smoking gun, which is an amazing tool, I use it a lot. It quick smokes everything- you can smoke mayonnaise in three minutes.”


“I am a certified Memphis in May BBQ judge and went through the extremely long seminars to get certified with a test. I did this when I was 10 years old. Hopefully this year they will let me judge.”


RL: So what is next for this Masterchef junior winner?

LG: “Well right now I am working on a YouTube channel, a cooking show, spice rubs, and a cookbook too! Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all the stuff I am doing. I just keep working and experimenting and doing a lot of stuff, so sometimes I forget what recipes I was working on. I work on something and I write it in my journal and then lose them because they are written everywhere all over the house. I have a lot of weird half done projects in the refrigerator.”