This is Memphis: November 22nd at The New Daisy!

Posted on November 18, 2014



By: Rakesha Gray

Music. BBQ. Unity. This is so Memphis.

This Saturday, November 22nd many people will be entering the doors of The New Daisy Theatre on Beale St. to experience the This Is Memphis Music Festival. Blue Tom Records is hosting the event for the first time and has chosen to feature new local artists because the talent didn’t stop with Elvis and BB King; talent in Memphis never dies. It has only transformed and come alive in artists like Mason Jar Fireflies, Drew Erwin, Don Lifted, Deering & Down, Idle & Wild, Mary Owens, Austyn Michael, and DJ Ben Murray.  These featured artists along with other special guests will present R&B, pop, hip hop, and everything in between. You can expect a unique sound and personality from each artist that will have you patting your feet to the strum of the guitar or bobbing your head and jumping to the upbeat rapping. Austyn Michael has promised Facebook friends and fans a fun set for everyone to come turn up with him! Mary Owens has posted videos of new music for new fans to check out.

Come and experience all things Memphis for $7 at 8pm this Saturday. Beat the crowd and arrive when the doors open at 7pm. Feel free to buy your ticket in advance for $5. VIP ticketing for $15 includes a BBQ meal. 

This is Memphis was planned by University of Memphis students in a Record Company Operations class that operates as a record label. The purpose of the class is to give students real-world experience working in a professional environment. Not only will this event be fun and entertaining, but it is also working as an educational opportunity. The event is sure to have lots of momentum because of the young, yet professional touch.

Sponsors of the festival include Jerry Lee Lewis, Sun Studio, Bucket city Agency, Huey’s Poplar, Mad Paper, Brister Street Productions, Blind Bear Memphis, ROCK 103, Made In Memphis, Memphis Music Commission, Euphonic Masters, and theGRIND. With such awesome sponsors supporting, the city should join in and head towards Beale this weekend. Let’s pack The New Daisy Theatre!

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