Flicker Street Studio: Art School for Everyone

Posted on October 29, 2014


By: McKenzie Drake

Via flickerstreetstudio.com

Via flickerstreetstudio.com

If you are a new or experienced artist, Flicker Street Studio is definitely a place to check out. Located a short distance off Union, Flicker Street Studio offers classes taught by experienced artists to just about anyone. Classes are taught in drawing, watercolor, oil, acrylic, and photography, as well as some topics classes such as “Chance,” “Portrait Drawing” and “Getting used to Your Sketchbook” by working artists such as Hamlett Dobbins, Elizabeth Alley, Chip Pankey, and Nancy Cheairs, the Director and Founder of Flicker Street Studio.

Classes range from summer Saturday workshops to fall, winter, and spring courses. Saturday workshops are six hours long, while courses are 4-6 weeks long through a 2-3 hour class once a week.

I had the pleasure in taking “Chance,” a 4 week class by Hamlett Dobbins. The class taught how unexpected moves can offer new and exciting ways to create art. My class had seven students, ranging from new artists to those who have been doing art for years. Our first activity of the class explained the theme of the month: no control. Each student was given paper and five colors of ink. By pouring the ink onto the paper and moving it around, the ink had a mind of its own, creating its own color and direction. Each student made two.  If you blinked, you would not see what happened next. Hamlett came around with a glass swifter, like the ones you clean your car window with, and scraped the ink all around the page. That was not all. Hamlett numbered each paper, and then put the numbers into a hat. Each student took a number, which assigned them to different pieces of paper. What was your piece was now someone else’s!  With our own choice to take different colors of oil pastels, each student was able to draw on top of his or her piece. Except, one had to be drawn with his or her right hand, the other, the left.

This class was an insight to how one can solve a piece after not having control of what happened. With the cost being less than going to a college art class, the cost was completely worth it. The art I created did not have to please a professor, make a good grade, or be in a show. Instead, it gave me, an art student, the ability to have fun, make art, and learn more about the studio practices of an experienced artist.

Flicker Street Studio does more than just classes though, Nancy Cheairs has also began individual art institution, giving tips and critiques for artists to work and broaden their art. In addition, some of the profits earned by Flicker Street Studio goes to the Carpenter Art Garden, a arts program for children to engage in the arts and develop self-worth.

Sign-ups for the November classes end soon, so don’t miss your chance to sign up for other classes offered this winter or Saturday workshops!

More info can be found at: www.flickerstreetstudio.com.

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