Grizzlies Further Entrenched in Community with FanBank

Posted on September 30, 2014


By Travis Nauert
Imagine it’s basketball season. The Grizzlies play in a few hours, but you’ve been grinding towards the weekend and need to refuel before the game. You stop by Central BBQ or Memphis Pizza Cafe and then head to FedEx Forum.

The Grizzlies win, obviously.

You want to celebrate, and meet some friends at The Brass Door before making your way to Young Avenue Deli and later Celtic Crossing.

It was a long night, and you worked up an appetite. Before you know it, it’s noon and you’re knee deep in brunch at Local on the Square. Maybe with a Bloody Mary? No, definitely.

It’s 3 in the afternoon and what the hell how did another friend’s birthday sneak up on you? Because everyone was born in December, that’s how. You race to Shangri La and Outdoors to save face.

This is an entirely possible and more than likely probable series of events that unfolds for many Memphians.

Some of the names are interchangeable, of course, as everyone has their favorite place. Maybe it’s the Rendezvous for BBQ, Cafe Eclectic for brunch, and Sweet Grass for drinks. Regardless of what establishment you argue to be best, everyone agrees that locally owned spots are a cut above, and not just for the friendly faces or fresh ingredients. Keeping money in Memphis is important for the sustained economic development of the community.

Enter FanBank, the innovative shop local rewards program found exclusively in the Bluff City. As if people needed more incentive to shop local.

FanBank allows customers to accumulate FanCoins (reward points) for shopping and dining at the same places they already know and love. By simply paying with an existing credit or debit card at FanBank partnered businesses, you will be entered in drawings for unique prizes while earning FanCoins. Avoiding a separate rewards card saves you the hassle of remembering to use it. You shop, dine, and pay like you normally do, but get rewarded in the process. Plus, it’s completely free.

All of the aforementioned institutions have teamed up with FanBank, but they are just a fractional representation of the approved business population. As FanBank puts it, they feature the “Best of Memphis”.

Other businesses include, but are not limed to:

The Arcade, Bhan Thai, Cafe Olé, Chiwawa, Dyer’s, Erling Jensen, Fino’s, Goner Records, Gould’s, Majestic Grille, Oak Hall, Playhouse on the Square, Restaurant Iris, Second Line, Trolley Stop Market, Ubee’s, & Yolo.

So, what’s the endgame? By registering, you become eligible to win prizes such as courtside tickets to Grizzlies games, VIP concert experiences and more. Additionally, your FanCoins accumulate allowing you to purchase merchandise from the “Vault”, their soon to launch online retail store.

Per FanBank, the Grizzlies (FanBank’s City Sponsor) and FedEx Forum will occupy much of the retail space, but partnerships with Shelby Farms, the Botanic Gardens and select artists will provide access to a variety of rewards.

To date, 5,000 Memphians have signed up and are already being rewarded. At Cooper Young Festival, autographed Grizzlies jerseys were given away to a few lucky participants. People who registered that Saturday were entered in a drawing for VIP tickets to a Darius Rucker concert live at the Garden, where Woody Harrelson made an appearance.

If you want to continue enjoying your favorite places, supporting the community, and start earning awesome rewards in the process, join FanBank today.

To learn more and register, visit:

Travis Nauert is a Memphis native who recently graduated from The University of Alabama. Read his coverage of the Memphis Grizzlies at

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