Reinventing the #Hashtag: HIFI App on the Rise

Posted on September 1, 2014


By Max Tilka

What is the hashtag? The hashtag may be a “catchy” way to caption a social media post or the collection of digital items under a dedicated category by a user. The new mobile networking app called HIFI has been inspired to rethink how we look at the hashtag as well as social networking itself.

“Imagine a place where you can always, instantly engage with what you care about; the people, the places and passions that inspire you” says Winder Hughes, the CEO and Chairman of the new social networking app HIFI. HIFI is looking to engage today’s generation in a whole new unique way. I sat down with Winder Hughes and Colin Brooks, the CEO and Lead Brand Ambassador of HIFI, to talk tech while getting an inside scoop on the new mobile app release to see what the future of social networking is.

After a year of dedicated hard work, HIFI brings the hashtag to life by allowing you to create, organize, and follow personalized hashtags under lifestyle interests that you have a passion for. Otherwise simply known as “Life in HIFI.” While entering the app you can simply create a profile, select the lifestyle interests that best suit you, and then follow hashtags called “TagTopics” as well as the people you care about. The app allows you to upload beautiful clear HD photos, long length videos, and GIFs that run seamlessly while keeping the fundamentals of liking posts and sharing. I asked the HIFI team what they might have learned from other social media apps as Colin Brooks replied, “We don’t really look at other apps because HIFI is a lifestyle to us not an app.” In the office you could really feel the excitement from Hughes and Brooks as well as the office itself with the colors and stickers around the room.

On other social media platforms you follow other users which may not post as much or what you enjoy. Unlike any other app, HIFI loads your interactive feed with unlimited amounts of content from people you care about as well as other people you do not know while keeping it under the categories you love. As Colin Brooks says, “This helps develop communities within a topic you’re interested in instead of limiting the user to people they know and what those people enjoy. It’s about what you love.” For example, on HIFI you may follow music as one of your lifestyle interests. Under music you can follow #memphis which will have a stream including user content related to Memphis music. What is so intriguing about this app is that #memphis could have a whole other meaning under the lifestyle interest travel with a whole other stream of user content of places to travel in Memphis.

With 2,000 users that have downloaded the app within the first week of a soft launch and a near five-star rating on the Apple Store; the HIFI team has a bright future ahead of them. With a launch party hitting this Thursday and a trip to Virginia Beach for a showcase at a surf competition HIFI is on a roll and doesn’t plan to slow down anytime soon. Coming soon, the HIFI team plans to use this new user interface for businesses—the correct way. Instead of placing ads all over newsfeeds HIFI plans to take the unique profile of the user’s interests and then display deals or coupons from businesses directed at those interests. However, instead of the clutter of ads and user input on one stream the HIFI app intends to keep them separate.

From the clean and simple design to the vibrant colors this app will soon be a great new way for Memphians to connect and show love for the community around them. Go to the Apple Store, download the app, and live life in HIFI.

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