Memphian to Meet: Evan Deere

Posted on September 1, 2014


By Max Tilka

“I have always wanted to build a useful app” says Evan Deere, a junior Computer Science major at Rhodes College. If you have not heard of Deere yet, then you most likely will in the near future. Deere has partnered up with Will Cobb, an incoming freshmen at Rhodes, to develop a new event management mobile application called “Event Bar.” Deere is a close friend of mine, so I decided to sit down at the local eatery Quik Chek to learn more about what he is building.

When you first meet Deere you will notice he is a “people person” that loves a sociable atmosphere. At Rhodes, Deere is a Bonner Scholar as well as Kinney Coordinator. While this means he’s got the brains, it also means he loves to reach out to his Memphis community. While logging in hundreds of community service hours, he is also looking to shake up the Memphis social scene.

Recently, Deere came up with an idea to make an app to better the event scheduling process at Rhodes. This app fits his lifestyle and personality perfectly, considering he is the event planner for the Kinney program at Rhodes. “Though I wanted to make an app to impact others, I also made this app to somewhat help myself,” he says laughing. “What brought me to this idea was all the fliers around campus at Rhodes. Some fliers are put in weird places on campus where people never see them. I remember looking at fliers like ‘that would be cool to go to’ and then realize that this event happened four days ago,” Deer explains.

Deere and Cobb tag teamed to form Apprentice Media, LLC, to build a better way to notify the community about Rhodes and Memphis events. This quickly grabbed the attention of Rhodes, which is now funding the app. “Though I built this app to better the event management at my school, I realize the impact it could have on Memphis as a whole. My goal is to break down the bubble barrier between the Rhodes College Community and Memphis Community so students can experience the city more. I want the freshmen coming in to see Memphis more as well as the student body as a whole,” says Evan.

“This app will allow you to see events all around Memphis as well as Rhodes,” says Deere. Instead of only learning about events in your local BBQ or sandwich shop, you will be able to log on and see all events around Memphis and the details you need to know. The app will notify you when dates are getting close. In addition, you can also see friends going to these events. For example, this app will be able to show events at the Levitt Shell to Red Birds games to the infamous Peabody Rooftop parties.

I for one, am very excited for this app release. Now I will be able to keep up with all the planned events around the Memphis area and try some new things I did not know Memphis has to offer! Stay on the look out for the “Event Bar” on the App Store soon!

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