5 Back-to-School Websites and Apps

Posted on September 1, 2014


By Breanna Sommers

Here is a checklist of 5 websites and apps to check out to get back-to-school savvy this September:

1. Need any textbooks? Skip the lines at the bookstore and compare prices on Slug Books. It compares buying, renting, and digital downloads to give you competitive pricing. You can use ISBN numbers or look up your university classes. http://www.slugbooks.com/

2. The Venmo App allows you to connect a debit, credit card, or bank account to send money on the fly. This is great when you owe someone money and don’t have cash, need to collect money from multiple people, or you want the added convenience of sending it immediately without being near the person. https://venmo.com/info/product

3. College Packing List is an interactive app that has a pre-made list that is also customizable to make sure you don’t forget to pack everything you need for the coming school year. It is well organized and is user friendly. http://www.collegepackinglist.com/app/

4. iStudiez Pro can transform a messy syllabus to an easy, user friendly task manager with reminder for all of your classes and assignments. The best part is that it syncs automatically between all of your Apple products. http://istudentpro.com/

5. Mint is an online website an app to track spending, make reccurring budgets and make financial long term goals like saving for a new car or setting aside money for a spring break trip. www.mint.com

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