‘Pickle’ App to be Released mid-August

Posted on August 1, 2014


By Kendra Lyons

logo_square_(1)Pickle, an app created by co-founders Evan Katz and Morgan Steffy, will be available to download on iPhones and Android devices in mid-August. The app is a unique combination of the challenging nature of cell-phone games, addictive qualities of popular apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and the trend of crowdsourcing that has changed traditional business practices like fundraising, forever.

Here is how it works: Pickle users post anything they need a fast opinion on whether it is a “selfie,” new profile picture, or an outfit they want to wear. From there, all Pickle users can log on to vote for their favorite option, delivering fast and honest feedback in a matter of minutes.

According to Katz, the name ‘Pickle’ is inspired by the fact that most users are “in a pickle” when they have to use the app in the first place, not to mention the aspect of “picking” a favorite option which comes into play.

Katz believes the quick feedback that Pickle users can get is what sets his app apart from other crowdsourcing-based apps, which often require hours or even days for comprehensive feedback and do not always deliver honest opinions from those being surveyed. Pickle, however, guarantees thoughtful feedback because it encourages users to vote based on what they think a majority of other users will choose, and even incorporates a points system to motivate voters to participate this way instead of making random, fast choices. Voters rack up points while surveyors get the feedback they need; a win-win.

Pickle might not have reached this point without the help of Start Co., founded by Rhodes alumni, Eric Mathews. Katz also teamed up with Start Co. and participated in their accelerator program previously throughout his work with the non-profit street paper, The Bridge, and explained that the company helped him to access mentors, investors, and funding to get turn his dream into a reality, for both of his businesses.

Pickle_FoundershotKatz and the rest of his team are dedicated to seeing the app succeed; so much in fact, that he and Steffy are taking a semester off of school to pursue the app full time. Katz explained they plan on returning, and thanks to planning ahead, will still be able graduate from college on time.

The entrepreneurial spirit and proactivity of these students is impressive and furthermore, aligned with the trend we have seen in Memphis of young people starting their own businesses and getting involved in the community outside of academics and school-related activities.

To learn more about Pickle and sign up to be one of the first to try the app once it is available, visit the website.

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