Featured Band: Chinese Connection Dub Embassy

Posted on August 1, 2014


Chinese_Connection_Dub_EmbassyBy Isabelle Nelson

This month, Brister Street Productions presents “SummerWeen”, a Halloween-themed event at Black Lodge Video on Cooper St. in Midtown featuring live reggae, hip-hop and DJs.

Chinese Connection Dub Embassy, a five-person band from Memphis, New York, New Orleans and Mississippi will be taking the stage with a soulful reggae sound that echoes the groups’ goal of reviving the diverse city with love and harmony. Performing their own original pieces as well as putting a contemporary spin on well-known reggae songs, Chinese Connection Dub Embassy has proved to be one of the most unique and dynamic Reggae artists in the Mid-South.

Vocalist and keyboardist, Joseph Higgins, is excited to perform at the summer festival with the rest of the talented crew, who have considered themselves brothers since their inception in 2009:

You guys have a unique sound that sets you apart from most reggae bands. Which artists/what things influence your style of music?

Honestly, our sound reflects our love for all genres of music. We want it to be heavily rooted in Reggae music and the Soul of Memphis’s own STAX Records. We’re extremely inspired by reggae and soul legends such as: Bob Marley, Alton Ellis, The Police, The Upsetters, Earnest Ranglin, Soul Syndicate, Al Green, Rufus Thomas, Issac Hayes, Aretha Franklin, The Dramatics, The Silvers and even new artist such as Chronixx, The Green, The Frighteners, Dry and Heavy, Emeli Sandé, Andy Allo, Luke James and many more.

How has Memphis music specifically influenced your band’s music?

Memphis music has broken a lot of cultural barriers and influenced music from all over the world, which is a tremendous part of how we view the music community as a whole. Together we can stand but divided we fall. We think the underlining message of Memphis music is striving for excellence, which is something we aim to do through our music day in and day out.

You guys have played at a number of festivals. What do you find to be the most exciting aspect of performing for an audience?

Performing live gives us an opportunity to break away from the trials and tribulations of life. We want everybody that attends an event that we’re apart of to feel a since of clarity when they leave and go on with there daily lives

What is your goal in producing your music? In other words, what are you thinking about when you write songs?

We want our music to be emotionally centered on unity and social economic difference. We want to continue to open your mind to new sounds and cultures that people may not be use too.

What has been your favorite album so far? Favorite song?

Our favorite personal album has to be our debut LP Firm Foundation. Our favorite tune off of it would have to be “Heavy Meditation”, which will also have a visual representation coming soon. Our favorite CD of all time would have to be Bob Marley’s Catch A Fire, which spoke of struggles, social unrest, peace and justice for all.

The Chinese Connection Dub Embassy will be performing live at “SummerWeen” on Friday, August 1st at 10 PM. The price is $5 with a costume and $10 without so be sure to dress up in your most fun themed outfit as there will be a contest for best dressed!

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