Memphian(s) to Meet: Eric Evans and John Sylvester

Posted on July 1, 2014


DSC_2911By Kendra Lyons

Sachë, the South Main Street boutique, is changing the way Memphians see t-shirts and shopping in general, for that matter. The geniuses behind the often times witty, but always creative and distinctive Memphis-inspired t-shirts sold at Sachë, Eric Evans and John Sylvester, were both involved in separate business ventures at the start of their careers, but as their paths crossed over a passion for creativity and design, the two joined forces.

“We were probably a little premature for launch,” Sylvester admits. But it certainly worked out in the end. The two opened their brick-and-mortar after starting out their business at home, which eventually started to (literally) burst at the seams. Sachë came to South Main right before the place started booming. While the two were concerned at first about bringing business to the slow-paced downtown district, four years later, South Main is booming, and they couldn’t be happier with their prime business location.

With that being said, Evans and Sylvester are dedicated to business outreach to show all of Memphis, not just South Main-streeters, what their shop is all about. Within the next few weeks, Sachë will start utilizing mobile retail to hit the streets and bring their designs and presses directly to customers.

“It’s really split up in thirds. So, one-third is for specialized events, the other third for one-time events, and the last third for random appearances,” Sylvester explained as Sylvester, Evans and I sat down in their back office for the interview. The office had computers, boxes of t-shirts, and the t-shirt press in the room directly behind it. We could hear music and chatter coming from the salon that shares a building with the retail boutique in the front of the store, owned by Evans’ wife, Rachel.

Rachel popped in and out of our interview and brought a fresh sense of energy to the conversation. She couldn’t stop smiling as she told me about her work and how she came from an East Memphis salon to join Sylvester and her husband at Sachë. Rachel attested to the new and exciting group of clients she gets to work with at her new downtown location, which she described as “open minded,” “busy,” and “creative.” Rachel also explained that the transition was made easier by loyal customers who followed her to Sachë.

I asked Evans and Sylvester how creating the unexpected combination of a retail store and a salon came to be and how it was working out for the trio.

“It just made sense,” Sylvester said without hesitation, when it came down to incorporating the salon into Sachë.. The salon brings in “more foot traffic,” and added a “cool component to the business mix.”

Evans and Sylvester are excited for their collaborations with Untapped, Rendezvous, V3 Fights, and Horseshoe Casino, to name a few. The Sachë team views itself as “a small business that strategically positions themselves with partnerships that are large organizations,” in order to get their products out to the most Memphians as possible, from all different parts of the city.

One of the main goals of the Sachë co-owners is to break the geographical boundaries of our spread out city so that their products not just for Downtowners, Midtowners, or suburbanites alone, but instead, are accessible and relevant to every Memphian, which is why the team focuses things like partnerships, mobile retail, and marketing, to expand their horizons each day.

Evans and Sylvester are Memphis-minded when it comes to their business and are all about their customers and the community. After sharing my interest in the 901/World Cup tee, Evans showed me how the press works, and let me press the sleeve-design on my own t-shirt, showing both the cool process that goes behind personalizing each product and the down-to-earth and friendly nature of the co-owners behind the store. From the creative process and trying to reflect Memphis in the best way possible, to catering to the diverse community we live in, the co-owners are focused on a high quality retail experience; one that has quickly become a true Memphis staple.

Check out Sachë online to discover their one-of-a-kind designs and screen printing options for your own small business, or stop by to see the guys in person at 525 South Main Street.

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