Featured Artist: Julian Dossett

Posted on July 1, 2014


julian-dossett-black-and-whiteBy Michelle Quina & Isabelle Nelson

“To me, traditional blues music is all about truth” –Julian Dossett

For the past four years, Brister Street Productions has primarily focused on promoting local musicians and artists through booking, producing and event planning. We are excited to announce that Brister Street has added a new facet to its services and has created its own recording label! Julian Dossett’s blues album, Three Poisons will be Brister Street’s first album release and will be available this month. Jack Simon, owner of Brister Street Productions, explain that “the label will function as a channel to sell and distribute music online and in other places” as “another outlet for artists to get exposure through the Brister Street brand as a whole.” Simon anticipates the immeasurable opportunities the label will create by supplying artists with another means of selling their music and becoming heard.

On Tuesday, July 8th, Brister Street Productions is hosting a launch party at Overton Square, including a FREE concert 6:30-9:30 pm featuring Julian Dossett and his band as well as Israel’s Best Blues Act, Ori Naftaly Band. The show is a part of a weekly free concert series called Bluesday Tuesday, presented by the Memphis Blues Society. “Brister Street is grateful for the opportunity to have our first album release party at one of the coolest new venues in town, working with amazing people.”

Julian_Dossett_and_Ori_Naftaly_Band_PosterDossett claims that he didn’t have very much interest in traditional music at first. His music is heavily influenced by his father, who, when he came back from work, would “play slide guitar and sing old blues songs in the living room.” Dossett began his musical career in a punk rock band but when he moved to Austin his style began to change. “I started meeting people who had a background in punk rock (music) but had learned to incorporate more traditional styles into their music. “I started playing in bands that used acoustic instruments but still had the energy of my earlier days. After I made that leap, my father’s blues influence started to show in my music. I became obsessed with finding old roots.” Trying to capture the music that molded his childhood, Dossett believes that his songs “cut away the falsehood until the barebones are exposed”, which is his main goal when he performs and records.

Dossett’s relationship with Brister Street began when he established new roots in Memphis, TN. “I heard about Brister Street before I moved to Memphis. Jack [Simon] and I became friends shortly after my move. Making a blues album with Brister Street came as a natural progression of events, which originally stemmed from living in the house where Jack operates his production company.” Surrounded by what he claims are “clever, motivated people” in the city, Dossett feels that he was fortunate to be such a good spot when he moved to Memphis.

As owner of Brister Street, Jack Simon fully embraces and embodies Memphis music as its one of the main aspects of the city that brought him there. “There is an abundance of talent here and when we’re talking music, this is one of the most amazing music cities on the planet. When I was a kid I used to actively seek new music everywhere I could but since I’ve been living here, almost everything I listen to is local or regional because there is so much good music around here!” Memphis influences many musicians who take the time to embrace its versatile and unique music scene. “Everybody has a huge amount of heart and a crazy energy that they put into every aspect of their creative lives,” said Dossett.

Dossett states that his greatest music-related achievement is “being able to create a connection with the audience at a show” which he believes has always been “a mysterious and amazing process.” He hopes that the album conveys a large part of that.

Julian Dossett’s album encompasses the blues sound that Memphis is so famous for. You can check on Julian’s music at the Brister Street website. His songs will have you swaying to the beat, but be warned you won’t be able to stop listening to his songs once you start.

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