Music Monsters

Posted on June 1, 2014


By Jenny Bitzer

mmThere is no doubt that Memphis is rooted deeply in music.  A new initiative byMusic Powered Games and the Juice Plus Technical Training Center at the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Memphis is providing Memphis’ youth with valuable training that intends to link music and job opportunities.  The Technical Training Center at the Boys and Girls Club aims to provide technical training for Boys and Girls Club members, ages 16-21, looking for long-term employment opportunities when they graduate from high school.  The CEO of Music Powered Games, Bobby Wells, has been working with Boys and Girls Club members to launch Music Monsters, which is a lyric rhythm and arcade action app featuring mainstream artists such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Hunter Hayes, as well as various indie artists.  Its newest endeavor is the launching of its Facebook app, which will be released this month, focusing primarily on promoting and attracting independent artists.

This launch is made possible by the efforts of a small group of 16-18 year olds at the Juice Plus Technical Training Center who have been working with the creators of Music Powered Games for the past four to five months to create the necessary software.  With young adults in Memphis looking for work, many obstacles come into play, transportation being one of the largest.  The efforts set forth by Music Powered Games expand job opportunities by giving the youth of Memphis opportunities to succeed. Each of the Boys and Girls club members on the development team are trained in the specific software in aims to provide them with jobs in software development in the future.  With many of these young team members having an intense love for music, the creation of this music software gives them a way to express themselves and provides a different view on the music industry.

Teenagers love music, so when the creators of Music Powered Games were able to combine music with a software, they created a job that was both fun and enjoyable for teens. This unique approach to creating jobs for young adults has the potential to capture kids interests and provide them with job opportunities doing something fun.  This development in Memphis represents a chance for success for both Music Powered Games and the young people of Memphis.  The technical training program is one that can be expanded and replicated across the country providing young people with a job that be done practically anywhere, and truly be enjoyed.

The Music Monsters Facebook app will launch this month. For More information on the game of the Boys and Girls Club Technical Training Center visit:

B&GC Technical Training Center
Music Powered Games

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