Maggie’s Farm: Overton Square’s Hidden Gem

Posted on June 1, 2014


By Kendra Lyons

mag1Maggie’s Pharm is in Overton Square, tucked away on Florence Street. One of my friends told me about the place years ago and I kept forgetting to check it out. The other day I finally dropped by and I am kicking myself for not going in sooner. This is my new go-to spot to pick up gifts, unique jewelry, and of course, all of my “pharm” needs.

The place is as hippie-esque as it sounds, but it is as genuine and one-of-a-kind as local shops come. Maggie’s Pharm has been in business since the 80’s and its laid back vibe shows that friendly people, cool products, and attention to detail go a long way in local business owning in Memphis.

The first thing that struck me about Maggie’s Pharm was the array of cards that are arranged immediately upon entering the store. You are not going to find birthday, or just for fun cards like mag2these anywhere else, mark my words. Some of the cards featured real-life looking photographs with funny sayings, sarcastic and honest quotes that would lighten anyone’s dark day, and retro-style greeting and birthday cards that take you back in time just by opening them up to take a peek.

The homestyle shop went back further and displayed tons of amazing-smelling candles and incense that will truly make a house, a home (and will make the perfect housewarming or just-because gift for anyone in your life).

I then came across the amazing jewelry that Maggie’s Pharm as to offer. This is the stuff that every style-savvy girl looks for: something that no one else will have. Maggie’s Pharm has awesome necklaces, rings, bracelets, and whatever else you could possibly need in tons of different styles, colors, and price points.

Lastly, where the “pharm” part comes in, the final room of the store is filled with walls covered in hundreds of different creams, medicines, pain relievers, and natural remedies for everyday health concerns. Everything is made from natural, safe ingredients and you can shop for them in an old-school way, where the workers at Maggie’s can help you choose the product that is tailored to your needs.
Maggie’s Pharm is incredibly remarkable. I thought I knew Overton Square; defined by popular hot spots like Boscos, Local, Bar Louie, Yolo, Blue Monkey, and events likeThursdays Squared, but the little pharm shop reminded me that sometimes the best spots in your city are the ones that are not always in the spotlight, and those places that take a little extra time to find, are typically the ones that leave lasting impressions.

Kendra Lyons is a student at Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law.

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