A Midtown Must: The Square Olive

Posted on June 1, 2014


ol2By Kendra Lyons

The Square Olive is a small, family owned business in Overton Square that is the perfect location for all of your olive oil and balsamic vinegar needs, and for the next fun and unique event you plan with your friends.

ol3Each time I have been in The Square Olive, the owners have greeted me personally and have been happy to explain the ins and outs of selecting olive oil and vinegars to an amateur like myself, with warmness and kindness. It is always an experience when I pop in to look around and taste some of their delicious bread and olive oil combinations.

Owner Kenny Ford explains that he had not always planned on owning a small business like The Square Olive, but when he was traveling with his wife and now co-owner, the pair realized that olive oil boutiques were becoming more and more popular in the south, and that the life-long Tennesseans could bring the trend to Memphis. Overton Square, a bustling and renewed area of town, seemed to be the perfect place, especially with the rise in popularity of Thursdays Squared, since The Square Olive is located in the same section.

ol1Next time you are hungry for a little snack while you are shopping, are looking for the perfect addition to your own kitchen, or need a fun and delicious gift for a friend, definitely check out The Square Olive and join the Fords for friendly conversation and and a yummy, unexpected treat.

Kendra Lyons is a student at Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law.

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