Kid in a Candy Store: My Sweet Noshings Experience

Posted on April 1, 2014


By Mariah Giblin

imageEveryone probably has a similar memory from his or her childhood of that moment when your mom let you buy candy on a day other than Halloween. Maybe it was a gorgeous summer day, the kind where the sky was a brilliant blue and the clouds were puffs of cotton candy. You could feel the heat simmering off the pavement and the humidity made your hair stick to the back of your neck, but you didn’t care. Then the gust of ice-cold air as you pushed past your younger sibling into sugarcoated heaven. You were too busy trying to decide if you wanted something sweet or salty, or maybe both, or maybe something fruity or fudgy. The possibilities were endless.

I had that nostalgic feeling when I visited one of Overton Square’s newest additions, Sweet Noshings. With the abundance of restaurants inhabiting the Square, I was pleased to see that a candy store would be added to the mix. When I walked through the door I was welcomed by a buttery and sweet scent that brought back me back to Texas circa 1997-the days of jean skorts and bows. The shop is filled with row upon row of brightly colored candies, along with shelves filled with all kinds of vintage sweets of yesteryear. They even have the Harry Potter goodies like Gummy Slugs, Chocolate Frogs, Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans and Butter Beer! Then there is the counter displaying chunks of fudge (the butter pecan was my favorite) and chocolate covered everything from s’mores to oreos. This all leads up to the Popcorn Bar- no, this is not a drill. From flavors like nacho cheese and dill pickle to honey butter and muddy buddy chocolate, they will fulfill your popcorn fantasies. Weary moms and babysitters alike can find nirvana with a variety of coffee drinks and free WiFi!

So be sure to check out Sweet Noshings the next time you find yourself craving something sweet!

Mariah Giblin is a junior English Major at Rhodes College.

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