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Posted on April 1, 2014


dsc_0912By Michelle Quina

When people think of Memphis music, typically the blues and rock & roll come to mind. The unspoken, underground Memphis genre is rap. As the music industry has grown, rap and R&B have become increasingly popular in Bluff City. Nationally acclaimed rappers like Juicy J, DJ Paul, Yo Gotti and Al Kapone, all hail from Memphis, and have helped to build a legacy for southern rap. Up and coming hip-hop artist, Marco Pavé, wants to add his name to the list of popular Memphis rappers.

Pavé altruistic spirit and can-do attitude set him apart from the rest. We have a special place in our hearts for Pavé here at theGRIND, as he was one of the first local musicians to show unwavering support for our publication’s effort to support and highlight the unique aspects of Memphis, TN. When we had the chance to meet up with Pavé, his humor was infectious, and he had a lot of great things to say about Memphis relating to his music career.

Pavé’s interest in music began when he was in the third grade. “All the cool kids were doing it,” he explained with a laugh. “By the time I was in 12th grade I was working with people who were much older than I was. That’s when I knew this was
something I was good at.”

Marco Pavé first mixtape, Obscure Reality, was dropped March 15th, 2014. When writing music, Pavé claims that he thinks of his life and different situations he has faced. His words are meant to make a point. Whether his inspiration comes from his own life, or a completely abstract idea unrelated to his own experiences, there is an intended message for listeners. When asked if there was a specific topic he writes about most frequently, Pavé replied, “the problems in Memphis, I have seen the many problems in Memphis growing up, and I want to help fix them.”

Our meeting with Pavé was right after his return from SXSW (South by South West Music festival) in Austin, TX. Pavé views this as one of his biggest accomplishments.

Two weeks before the festival, Pavé was informed that he would be showcased in the lineup. Scrambling to put together a mixtape and make shirts and flyers, Pavé went to Austin and ultimately ended up booking two more gigs and performing
three showcases, rather than the expected one. A few of his other greatest accomplishments include his signing with Simply Grand Music and Books on Beale.

When asked elaborate on what Books on Beale is he said, “A benefit concert that has raised $20,000 in resources for Memphis in past years.” The concert has featured ten different artists (including himself) and twelve sponsors that promote literacy. This year, the concert will take place in June.

Later in the conversation I asked Pavé if he classified himself as a rapper and he responded, “I am just a guy, but I guess that’s what people would call me…my favorite musicians are Kanye West, Jay-Z, Gucci Mane, and Yo Gotti, but I also like
contemporary Jazz, Punk Rock and bands like Coldplay.” Pavé currently performs with DJ Wyzlyfe, Doozra, and Phatmac. Aside from his music career he also has another special responsibility: his five-month-old son.
Towards the end of the interview we asked Pavé what he believes is the biggest “problem” Memphis faces since it is a topic he writes about so frequently. He explained how the people who run the city have a difficult task to accomplish.

People who come to Memphis tend to leave Memphis. The city isn’t viewed as an attractive place to move into and rebuild. This leads to many places closing down in Memphis. He did state that it has been getting better. “The rejuvenation of areas like Crosstown and Cooper-Young is a step in the right direction,” Pavé added.

The last question we asked Pavé was “what is the one thing that you want people to remember you for?” Pavé paused for a moment and then thoughtfully said, “I am here to take over…. not in a bad way, but for the better. When you see a neighborhood that was once run down and is rebuilt ten years from now, know that I was a part of that.”

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