5 Reasons Why Memphis Needs Young Professionals to Stay in the Classroom

Posted on March 1, 2014


Screen_Shot_2014-03-01_at_12_04_30_AMBy Jenny Bitzer


1) Memphis is the epicenter for urban education reform

Memphis is currently home to some of the most innovative urban education reform movements in the country. Memphis is home to a variety of national reform organizations including Teach For America, KIPP Schools, Stand for Children and many more. All eyes are on Memphis as we aim to make huge changes in urban education.

2) Memphis is “Teacher Town USA”

Leaders in Memphis education reform are aiming to make Memphis “Teacher Town USA”. Dorsey Hopson, superintendent of Shelby County Schools says, “We are working hard to make sure all teachers in Shelby County are among the best in the United States. The idea of establishing Memphis as Teacher Town USA will help us immensely as we build a pipeline to hire and keep the great teachers our students need to succeed.’’

3) Memphis is currently filled with some of Tennessee’s lowest performing schools, but is showing some of the best achievement gains nationally

Although Memphis is filled with some of Tennessee’s lowest performing schools, Memphis and the state of Tennessee have shown great improvements over the past two years academically. In order to keep this positive growth continuing into the future, Memphis needs highly qualified teachers to not only come to Memphis but to stay in the classroom.

4) Memphis has the potential for young teachers to make a large impact

With Memphis students performing significantly lower than the national average on ACT and other standardized tests, there is a need for highly qualified teachers in the classroom. With the belief that all children can succeed regardless of socioeconomic status or location, young teachers can make a large impact in a student’s life.

5) Memphis is a city where young people have a voice

Memphis is a big small city where young people have a voice. As a young professional in this city, your voice is heard. Memphis is the city where education reform is happening and you can help make the dream a reality for all children to have a quality education by using your voice and fighting for what you believe in.

Jenny Bitzer is a senior Psychology major and Education minor at Rhodes College and is starting her work with Teach for America in Memphis next year.

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