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Posted on February 25, 2014


By Michelle Quina
Photography by Kendra Lyons

screen%2520shot%25202014-02-28%2520at%252081244%2520amChris Milam puts his heart and soul into his music whether he is performing for a large crowd, or touring with his trusted bandmate (and car), Ruby. After many chapters in his life, and numerous cities, Milam has chosen to pursue his love for performing in Memphis, TN, the city he calls home.

Milam’s interest in music started at a young age. He performed his first concert when he was four years old with entirely Fisher Price instruments and started to play the piano at age six. After playing in “a million (of) crappy bands in middle and high school”, he said with a laugh, Milam continued to pursue his love for music throughout college at Vanderbilt University, where he earned a degree in English.

Milam decided to move his life from Memphis in order to get away from the familiar. While in school, he continued to play music at different gigs around Nashville, TN. Milam claims, “Nashville was never fit for me” and that he couldn’t wait to graduate and see where his music career could take him.

screen%2520shot%25202014-02-28%2520at%252081256%2520amAfter spending seven years in Nashville, Milam gave the Big Apple a shot. The experience allowed him to gain inspiration from “a melting pot” of unique and talented musicians. After a year and a half, Milam realized that although he loved New York, Memphis was calling him back. “The industry has come, gone and made comebacks, but the talent remains the same,” Milam reflects on Memphis.

Milam writes all of his own music. His sound is a mix of pop and folk and puts emphasis on the message in his songs. His most recent album, Young Avenue, is inspired by Memphis. Milam explains, “the musical roots in Memphis and the character of the city serves as inspiration in itself”. His album is a personal memoir about being young and inspired listeners to ponder if you can ever really leave home.

When asked what inspires him Milam responded, “just about everything these days”. His modesty was demonstrated when he was asked what his biggest musical accomplishment was and he responded that he takes more pride in the small instances of recognition rather than the bigger experiences. “There’s one song I’m particularly proud of, and that’s ‘Cold Weather Girls’”.

If you want to hear more from Chris Milam, and are looking for a unique concert experience, check out his 901 concert series. Milam will be traveling around Memphis in order to bring the concert to all of his fans. A series of six shows will take place in Germantown, Downtown, Midtown, East Memphis, Cordova/Bartlett and a Christmas show at the end of the year. Each concert will take place at a non-traditional venue.

Bottom left photo from Chris Milam Music website.

Contact Chris Milam: www.chrismilammusic.com | @chrismilam | www.facebook.com/chrismilammusic

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