Achievement School District to Add Six New Memphis Schools

Posted on January 23, 2014


By Jenny Bitzer


The Achievement School District (ASD) recently announced new charter matches for six Memphis schools.  The ASD is an initiative aimed to take the bottom 5% of schools to the top 25% of schools in the state.  68 of these bottom 5% of schools are located in Memphis.  The purpose of the ASD is to stabilize, and help the bottom 5% of schools grow to be some of Tennessee’s top performing schools in just five years.  When the ASD joins a low performing school, the ASD can either run the school themselves, or the ASD can pair the school with a charter organization.

The ASD most recently paired charter organization with six Memphis schools including Coleman, Spring Hill, and Westwood elementary.  The most exciting news however, was the announcement that for the first time in Memphis history, two high schools, Frayser and Fairley, will be paired with charter schools.  Frayser High School will be operated by Frayser Community Schools and Fairley will be run by Green Dot. Other schools operated by charter organizations include Coleman elementary by Aspire Public Schools, Spring Hill by Promise Academy, Westwood by Freedom Prep, and KIPP Memphis will also operate a soon to be named school.

These charter pairings mark the expansion of the Achievement School District’s role in Memphis.  This is an exciting time for Memphis as education reform happens across the city.  The ASD works towards a high, but not unattainable, goal to have what used to be the some of the state’s lowest performing schools, performing amongst the best. It will be exciting to follow the ASD as they expand even more in the future.

For more information on the Achievement School District and their mission please visit the ASD website at

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Jenny Bitzer is a senior Psychology major and Education minor at Rhodes College and is starting her work with Teach for America in Memphis next year.

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